Scissor Servicing

Hairdressing Scissor Sharpening is attempted by many but mastered by only a few!

The Owners of Rapid Edge Australia are

Japanese-Trained Bladesmiths

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In Australia there are only 3 companies that we believe are capable of looking after your precious hairdressing scissors.

There is 1 in Perth, 1 in Melbourne and of course Rapid Edge which operates in Sydney, Hunter Region (NSW), Brisbane, Gold Coast (QLD), Melbourne, Ballarat (VIC), Wangaratta (VIC), Perth & Adelaide.

The Patented Rapid Edge equipment is also used by scissor manufacturers, so, if you want your precious tools to "feel like new again" after they've been serviced - you should ONLY be using Rapid Edge.

The hairdressing industry has been told for years that scissors can not be sharpened "in-salon". Excuses like, "the equipment is too big" or, "we need 5 different machines to do that" have been used. Well, dinosaurs used to roam the earth & it's not that long ago mobile phones were the size of a briefcase!

In reality, Rapid Edge technology has revolutionised this industry & has become the future of it. 95% of scissor problems or damage can be rectified in-salon but only by Rapid Edge!
For the 5% that do need the workshop, we do that too. We will even pick them up & deliver them back! (in serviced areas).

Don't be fooled - if it's not genuine Rapid Edge people servicing your scissors - you might end up having to buy a new pair earlier than you thought!


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