Hairdressing Scissors

"How To Buy Scissors Form"- get it here!

Who can really tell you about the scissors you're looking at buying?

Well - some of them know absolutely nothing and the rest know very little!

We're not suggesting necessarily that they deliberately tell lies - they just simply don't know!

Are the scissors: -

WHY? - Because otherwise you could be paying 3 or 4 times what the scissor is actually worth!!!

Talk to us.......WE KNOW, and, we're prepared to guarantee in writing the exact details of the scissor you buy.

"How To Buy Scissors Form"- get it here!

At HAIR EXPO we continued our push to make all scissor sellers accountable for the things they claim about their scissors. To all hairdressers that came to our stand to thank us for leading the push to force all scissor sellers to tell the truth, we simply say - you're welcome! "Click Here" to read more on this subject


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