Japan 2008 Togiya Factory training

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    Rod waiting for  the 300 kmh Bullet Train to Tokyo Naoyuki, Yuji &  Rod on factory floor Naoyuki, Evan &  Yuji on factory floor Rod, Togiya family  elder & Evan Master Craftsman -  teaching inside edge work
    Evan - Inside  edge training Rod - Inside  edge training Evan - inside  edge training Master - setting  training Master - setting  training
    A 25 tonne  press in the old part of the factory Two-piece scissor in  4 pieces Welding the 2  pieces together Handle welding done  - now off to the beautiful machines! Multi-Axis CNC machine  - we're in love!
    Another CNC machine  - more love And another -  more love! And another -  more love Ultimate love! US$4,000,000  worth of machinery to help make your scissors. Polishing
    Handle polishing Outside edge work Yuji & Rod  outside Temple Evan & Yuji  inside temple Rod & Evan  outside Temple
    Rod & Evan  in Temple grounds