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You Hear!

I guess some of this should really be under the "Scissor Sales" heading cause what gets repeated is only because some people that sell scissors tell the most OUTRAGEOUS LIES just to sell a scissor. This is some of the stuff that's been told to hairdressers.

You dont need to sharpen these scissors because when I bought them I was told: -

"You just have to put them in the freezer for ten minutes then open & close them 5 times and they're sharp again"
They were a pair of "Iceman" scissors!

I only want a pair of BLUE scissors because: -

"If the scissors are Blue that means they have been perfectly tempered (a hardening process) and they are the strongest scissors"
This B.S. was told to a hairdresser by a scissor seller. The truth is that ANY coloured scissor has simply had a coloured coating, normally titanium, applied to the surface of the scissor to make it look pretty.

If you drop your scissors they're ruined and you'll have to buy new ones: -

Absolute rubbish! This lie is peddled simply to sell more scissors.

We'll add more of these little gems as we get time to.


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